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Collect online reviews and organize feedback from a centralized platform with our premium online review management platform. Online review management is important so you can stop the guesswork and know what customers are saying about your business. Increase your exposure, stand out in local search results, and gain valuable insights with our online reputation management services.A supercharged email marketing campaign doesn’t mean shooting out emails to a huge mailing list. We consider personalization, segmentation, targeting; all that strategic goodness to keeps you at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Online review management tools made simple and effective!

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The Dashboard

The online review management platform consolidates all of your online reviews—regardless of the review’s original source—into a single space. This gives you more visibility and control than any other online review solution in the market.

Happy customers are directed to sites like Google and Facebook depending on where they are currently logged in.

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NPS Question
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Unhappy customers are directed to an internal form that allows for vital feedback (which never makes its way online).

App Integration
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Rating & Comment
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