Ten Salon’s New Website Design

ten salon's new website design

There’s nothing better than a return customer. A few years ago we designed the Ten Salon website with a basic WordPress blog on one page. Now Ten has come back as a happy customer and asked us to revamp their website with more functionality, features, and an updated design. Ten Salon’s new website design is an example of Doohickey’s ability to provide our clients with high-quality service and products time and time again.

In just a few years WordPress, web trends and design styles have changed so much. With this new site the staff at Ten has full access to all of the pages and sidebars so the content can stay fresh and up to date. And with popularity rising through social network sites it only made sense to tie the website, Facebook, and Twitter together. Ten Salon’s new website design demonstrates that with technological trends constantly changing, websites need to adapt to the trends as well.

Doohickey has recreated the Ten Salon website a few times over the years, in addition to other campaign materials.