Anderson Ventures Inc. Website Design

Anderson Ventures Inc. is a family of companies dedicated to bringing professionalism, experience, and energy to a wide range of transformational real estate projects in the Southeast. The Anderson Ventures Inc. website design showcases the company’s identity and portfolio in a clean layout with varied visuals that establish a unique brand. The diagonal structure of the logo played a key role in inspiring the visual aesthetics of the website.

An array of triangular shapes and lines slider down along the sides of the text areas to help guide the viewer’s eyes as they scroll down the page. These angles and colors were chosen based on the sides of the AV symbol in the logo cascading along one another in a perfect parallel arrangement. A subtle marble texture was used in the backgrounds to signify the important content showing the Anderson Ventures team and their various companies. The Anderson Ventures Inc. Website Design succeeds in delivering a clean, coherent catalogue connection all of Anderson Venture’s companies into one unified location.

In addition to the Anderson Buxton Group website, Doohickey also provided logo design.