Buffalo Booties Website Design

The Buffalo Booties Website Design gives the impression of a sturdy, durable brand that can withstand the heaviest of climates. Buffalo Booties specializes in slip resistant waterproof boot covers that allow for a solid stance on any surface in difficult weather. This single page site uses rough rock textures and bold slab type to fit with the style of a tough brand that workers can depend on to improve their footing.

A unique feature to the website is the inclusion of a 360 degree turnaround of the products on display using professional camera shots and a spinning service provided by Sirv. We took the professional shots of the angles of the booties at our own studio using a white background setup! This was achieved by rotating the covered booties at various angles and compiling them together to create a smooth rotation of the product. Our photo shooting session used a professional white photobox background with bright lighting to present the booties as though they were in a clear, blank space. This rotation element of the website makes for easy viewing with minimal loading time for each covering model.

The Buffalo Booties Website Design showcases their brand’s deep rich blue to further saturate the page and give the impression that they are bolder and sturdier than the competition. As well as imagery of the product, the company showcases its most fundamental beliefs and backstory to give visitors a stronger impression of the brand’s history. Another design element is the choice in fonts, using a modern sans serif for a modern website as well as bold slab fonts which work perfectly for businesses specializing in rugged environments and heavy-duty settings. This combination of design elements perfectly embodies a brand that can be trusted to carry out strong tasks and help their clients stand on a stronger foundation, literally!

View the full website at buffalobooties.com

buffalo booties website design calgary alberta canada
buffalo booties website design calgary alberta canada