Congratulations, You Passed! Website Design

Vigorous studying and note-taking are only a few steps of the process as students prepare for exams. Whether students plan to take the SATs or college-level tests, creative problem-solving and proven test-taking techniques can help provide an edge. In the Congratulations, You Passed! website design, Doohickey’s goal was to promote a book filled with tips for helping students pass their own exams. As a result, students will have all the necessary know-how and reassurance alongside their sharpened No. 2 pencils when exam day arrives.

Congratulations, You Passed! is a book written by Betty Mckenzie Moore. Inside, readers will glean essential tips and test-taking techniques to engage both left and right brain activity. This book helps readers pass any test, regardless of the subject. The Congratulations, You Passed! website design allows visitors to learn more about the book, in addition to where they can purchase their own copy.

The website design was primarily inspired by the book’s front cover. Using the cover’s color scheme allowed us to convey the same encouragement and enthusiasm readers will find in the book. The website provides an overview of the Congratulations, You Passed! book and author, prompting readers to discover more inside the guide’s pages.

The Congratulations, You Passed! website was also accompanied by a business card design.

Website: congratulationsyoupassed.comCongratulations, You Passed! website design

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