We get excited about printing!

Make sure it’s fit to print.

Designers keep many things in mind while they are creating – typefaces and fonts, colors, messaging, imagery, branding, balance, and of course, printing the end product. We value the opportunity to create visually stunning graphic art and create concepts that captivate an audience. But printing, which goes hand-in-hand with design, gets us really excited. We’ll geek-out over print materials that engage the senses. Materials that people want to touch because the paper is textured a certain way, observe because the foil reflects light like jewelry, or examine because the custom die-cut reveals an unexpected surprise when opened.

CMYK, Pantones, die-cuts, embossing, foil, UV – Yippee!

When planning a print job, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of print styles and embellishments, since each choice you make will play into the final price. You might go with house paper stock at a lower cost, or custom mill stock at a premium price. You may choose to print using a four-color process (CMYK) or using Pantone colors. There are custom die-cutting, embossing, foil or UV coatings, and many more options to consider.

In most cases, low-cost printing on a budget will suffice. CMYK on house paper stock with a spot of UV gloss added for a little extra flare is a great low-cost option. All other items can be saved for high-end stationery, pocket folders, and brochures when you really need to add that wow factor and when it’s in the budget.

Your cost for design will stay consistent, but your cost for printing will change based on what combination of options you choose. The quality of the printer used and the requested quantity also affect the final cost. We have established relationships with several printers who are all able to handle most printing jobs, but who also have their own specialties. We are able to assess the needs of the project from several angles to determine who the right printer might be for the job.

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