Public Relations & Communications​

Let’s get noticed.

An often overlooked component of marketing

Public relations and communications can seem obscure if you’re not familiar with how it relates to marketing. Getting involved in the community, making a breakthrough in your industry, showcasing corporate acquisitions, on-boarding new clients and highlighting new company hires are just a handful of noteworthy accomplishments happening everyday with companies large and small. Far too often these events are completely overlooked as opportunities to communicate with your audience and reach your community.

You might be missing the perfect opportunity to reach your audience

Develop a PR Strategy

We can help you leverage some common accomplishments
in your PR and communications strategy:

Doohickey Services Public Relations and Communications

Industry Breakthroughs

Our job is to research your business, product or service and recognize your accomplishments so that we can say, “Hey, this is something we should let people know about.” Often times it affects the way people live or how we operate and this type of awareness is good for your business.

Doohickey Services Public Relations and Communications

Noteworthy Accomplishments

Some companies expand by leaps and bounds through acquiring other businesses, land and investments, on-boarding awesome new clients, and hiring more employees. In the minds of consumers, successful businesses grow. These aren’t necessarily actions you should hide. This often shows brand strength, ambition and success. Show off your accomplishments by posting about it. Show others what you know about growing a business. This makes for fantastic public relations and shows you are a leader in your field.

Doohickey Services Public Relations and Communications

Community Involvement

Whether it’s a fundraiser for a good cause, or an industry related event, it can only do good for your bottom line and of course, your heart. Doing good deeds for others not only makes you feel good as a person, it also helps bring your employees closer together by increasing morale, and it shows the community that you’re involved. Sharing your experiences about your community involvement is beneficial both from the perspective of the organization you are helping and from a marketing perspective.

Doohickey Services Digital Marketing

Blogging, Social Media and Email Marketing

We lump these services together because while everything above this section talks about some of the types of news you can communicate with your following, these are the vehicles – at least these are the online vehicles. There’s always print media, like newspaper and magazines, which nowadays publish much of their offline content online as well. Either way, generating the content you need is our job. We recognize news worth sharing and we utilize the right tools to get it out there.