Go Tuk'n Brochure Design

Go Tuk’n Brochure Design

Ready to go tuk’n? This Go Tuk’n brochure design combines a unique look with fun photography to create an informative and compelling brochure. As a result, the company can advertise their various tours and give interested customers fun insight into the company and its services.

Go Tuk’n offers exciting pub crawls and historical & architectural tours across Northeast Florida in their luxury three-wheel tuk tuk’s. Exploring Jacksonville Beach and Riverside, these environmentally-friendly vehicles take groups on a unique touring experience with an expert local guide to lead the way. Go Tuk’n also offers their vehicles for specialty events, including engagements, weddings, birthdays, team building events, and more!

In addition to the Go Tuk’n brochure design, we also created business cards, airport ads, and billboards for the company. A marketing campaign that involves numerous print and digital materials allows companies to reach a wider audience to attract new customers. As a result, Go Tuk’n is able to market their services to new customers across Northeast Florida in a different array of fun and attractive designs.

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