Patriot Rail Website Design

Patriot Rail is a leading short line operator running over 1,000 miles of rails across the United States. The Patriot Rail Website Design is dedicated to showcasing the company’s strength and reliability with over 30 railroads.

The dynamic layout organizes their 30+ railroads with interactive map designs. Detailed overlays and map markers provide key visual information on each railroad’s position, connections, and roles in transportation. Templates were also set up to populate railroad pages and to make it easy for team members to update any site details. The website’s structure was carefully constructed to make each page connect to one another while also being easy to navigate.

The visual style was made almost entirely out of a mix of red, white, and blue based on Patriot Rail’s Logo. Using a mix of these colors and the company’s library of photos, we created a clean design that also communicates strength and boldness through larger sections, strong font pairings, and team photography. The Patriot Rail Website Design delivers an expansive website that hosts valuable information on thousands of miles of railroads spanning across the country.

View the full website at We have also made website designs such as the InLight Real Estate Partners Website Design and the Colonial Assisted Living Website Design.

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