Persnickety Listings Website Design

We created the Persnickety Listings website design lickety split! This website features an easy-to-use search function and backend platform for users to post their off-campus listings. By prioritizing user experience, we were able to ensure the website is easy to navigate and use for any website visitor.

By placing important links such as the search function and create a listing button in purple, we’re able to draw the eyes towards these call-to-action elements. As a result, we keep users focused on the purpose of the website—for landlords to post their housing listings, or for students to find convenient, affordable housing close to campus.

Persnickety Listings provides their easy-to-use interface for landlords, owners, managers, and students. On their website, students can communicate directly with landlords to make the most out of off-campus housing and numerous amenities.

In addition to creating the Persnickety Listings website design, we also created a flyer to attract visitors to the website.


Persnickety Website Design

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