Ten Salon Website Design

We love it when previous clients return with new requests! This is the fifth Ten Salon website design we’ve completed in 13 years, and it looks better every time. For a salon that’s all about keeping up with the latest beauty trends, we wanted to ensure Ten Salon is up-to-date with the latest web design fashions, too! Ten Salon recently opened a new location in Neptune Beach, Florida and we were excited to be able to update their website, magazine ads, and business cards to match its new look.

A website allows companies to showcase their services, products, and industry expertise. For the Ten Salon website design, we wanted to make sure the salon’s dedication to the beauty industry shined at the forefront of their website. To accomplish this goal, we used full-width photography to show the unique skillset and creative expertise of Ten Salon’s talented beauty professionals. These stunning photos allow us to capture the company’s services from the moment the page loads, so potential clients get an immediate feel for the salon.

Another aspect of the Ten Salon website design is the organization. To give clients a full view of all the beauty products and services Ten Salon has available, it was important to design the website for user experience and easy navigation. We also wanted to spotlight Ten Salon’s local pride and commitment to their community. The “About Ten Salon” section of the website provides potential clients with insight into the salon’s history and staff. As a result, clients can find all the information they need before discovering the indulgence of Ten Salon’s beauty services.

Ten Salon offers a selection of beauty and hair care services that cater to their clients’ natural beauty. Their hair, nail, and other beauty services are all inspired by the latest trends. Located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Ten Salon is dedicated to maintaining the gold standard for salons with a philosophy built on strong client relationships. The passion they have for their clients is matched by their passion for the latest beauty trends across the globe.

In addition to the Ten Salon website design, Doohickey also created digital HTML ads, previous website designs, a magazine ad, and business cards for the salon.

Website: tensalon.netTen Salon Website Design

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