Adventures in Paradise Rack Card Design

Adventures in Paradise Rack Card Design

In order to present their various activities (including aquatic tours and an exotic petting zoo), Adventures in Paradise teamed up with Doohickey to create a set of four rack cards. The colors and design were inspired by the fascinating tours and lush sceneries Adventures in Paradise has to offer. The Adventures in Paradise rack card design needed to cover their Fishing Fun service, Kayak and Paddleboard adventure, Exotic Petting Zoo & Farm, and their Nature Cruise.

For each of these services, we focused on the natural, vibrant colors customers would see at each scene. By incorporating the sunset golds of the fishing and nature tour, or luminescent blues and greens of the kayaking tour, customers can visualize themselves on one of the adventures. We also made the photography a focal point for each design, capturing the exciting experiences with action shots–dolphins leaping over ocean waves, a kayaking tour headed into the unknown. The Adventures in Paradise rack card design used elements straight from the company’s tours. As a result, the cards are able to immerse customers in the experience–and make them want to participate themselves.

The cards were designed to be used in a series but also stand alone. To accomplish this, we utilized different colors but kept the shapes and curves consistent throughout the design.

Adventures in Paradise offers several river activities along the Intracoastal Waterway in Merrit Island, Florida as well as an exotic petting zoo with over 300 animals! We’ve also worked on other designs such as the Bestbet Holiday Card Design and the Jets Business Card Design.

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