Benji’s Doggy Ice Cream Logo Design

Doggy Ice Cream is a special frozen treat made specifically for man’s best friend. The Benji’s Doggy Ice Cream Logo Design uses detailed illustration and expressive fonts to make a fun logo for all pet lovers.

The dog featured in the logo is based on the creator’s dog Benji, a mini Aussie doodle. Using photos as inspiration, we designed Benji to be as fluffy as possible with lots of bumps in the line work. To add dimension and softness to the illustration, we used cel-shading in the fur to make him look more dynamic. Benji himself is symmetrical with a head tilt to add personality and emotion in the logo and make it more exciting.

The logo uses a triadic color palette of blues, pinks, and light yellows. These colors are more commonly used in doggy ice cream flavors that are safe for dogs to eat. They also add to the fun factor with the font in “Benji’s” which uses a bold, bubbly font. The Benji’s Doggy Ice Cream Logo Design delivers an expressive, cute logo for all dog owners to enjoy.

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