Plantation Dental Associates Logo Design

Plantation Dental Logo Design

Plantation Dental SSI is a full service dentistry for general and cosmetic practices based in the Golden Isles. The Plantation Dental Logo Design takes the previous concept and refines it to fit a fresher and more modern style.

Our final design took the original ink illustration and gave it some extra depth with two-point perspective. The style of pen strokes have also been updated to look sharper and more legible at smaller sizes. This allowed us to create more consistent hatching lines to detail parts of the building. To make larger areas of contrast, large shadowed areas are filled with solid color to indicate the darkest parts of the building.

The type hierarchy is presented in a cascading diagonal format. With this, we are able to connect the style of the hand-written “Plantation” to the logo icon and use a serif font for the larger, shorter words. To compensate for the extra space next to “SSI”, we’ve added a divider line that doubles as a spacer and an underline. The Plantation Dental Logo Design creates a complex modern logo with high amounts of illustrated detail.

We’ve also worked on logos such as the Crockett Boatworks Logo Design and the STACK’M Storage Logo Design.

Other options we created for the Plantation Logo Design:

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