Burgos Group SBC Email Marketing Design

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy to communicate upcoming events, industry news, and exciting company achievements. A distinctive and branded design, however, can stand out in customers’ inboxes and truly make an impact. For the Burgos Group SBC email marketing design, we wanted to match striking imagery with informative content to attract customers to an upcoming conference.

The Burgos Group SBC email marketing design features a banner we created to represent the company’s remarkable business growth as one of the country’s fastest-growing companies. The race car imagery communicates exhilaration and speed while providing a balance to the text-heavy content. The banner also brands the email, and matched with the company color scheme, remains cohesive with other marketing materials for the company. We also condensed the content, providing an overview of the session and learning objectives to keep readers focused on the event. Along with calendar and location information, the resulting Burgos Group SBC email marketing design provides guests with the details they need through an eye-catching email.

Burgos Group is a program and project management company that offers their customers general and electrical construction, facilities operations, logistics, and professional technical services. Their clients include federal, state, and municipal agencies, as well as many private industry clients. By putting customer satisfaction and quality service at the forefront of their performance, Burgos Group is able to provide their customers with peace of mind while experiencing significant growth. Their headquarters is located in Albuquerque, NM, with operations in seven states.

In addition to the Burgos Group SBC email marketing design, we have also created the Burgos Group website, numerous ads, marketing videos, brochures, flyers, truck graphics, business cards, and more.

Burgos Group SBC Email Marketing Design