Clinic Connection Website Design

Clinic Connection’s vision is to help therapists achieve a healthier work/life balance by taking on the busy work of communicating with insurance companies and finding the necessary documentation for each new hire. The Clinic Connection website design showcases what they do in a clear and concise manner to enable therapists to get the services they need quickly.

The website uses gradients based on the logos color scheme to give the site a refreshing modern looks that stays up to date with modern web design trends. The backgrounds which take advantage of the clear white space also include a grid graphic in the background. This grid of interconnected dots ties in with the theme of connection which the website aims to establish with its visitors. The graphic also has a slight movement as the viewer scrolls through the page, giving the webpages a subtle sense of dimension and depth.

The website’s clean design makes it very clear and concise to the reader what the company will be able to help them achieve. The services page lists several credentials that Clinic Connection can help therapists enroll for and obtain. The blog section offers many insights into more specific topics related to insurance for therapists.

In addition to the Clinic Connection website, Doohickey also provided logo design. View the full website at

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