Clinic Connection Logo Design

Clinic Connection Logo Design

Clinic Connection’s vision is to help therapists achieve a healthier work/life balance by taking on the busy work of communicating with insurance companies and finding the necessary documentation for each new hire. Clinic Connection provides therapists with new opportunities for connections which is demonstrated in the Clinic Connection Logo Design.

The color scheme of the logo uses green to symbolize growth provided by and for therapists while the blue represents cleanliness often associated with medical institutions. The ends of the right angles use rounded corners at the end which allow the 90° shapes to have an almost free-flowing quality to them as if they were flowing into each other. The typography feels similarly rounded as “Clinic Connection” itself contains a lot of rounded characters as well as sharp 90° corners, making it a perfect fit for the icon. The structure of the logo is proportionally refined as each element lines up to maintain balance. “Connection” is decrease in size to fit under the width of “Clinic” and the overall text maintains the same height as the icon on the side. The Clinic Connection logo design embodies connection and reliability through the symbol of the x and interconnectivity by combining the angled shapes.

In addition to the Clinic Connection logo, Doohickey also provided website design.


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