Costa Verde Website Design

Costa Verde Landscaping Inc is a full-service landscape, irrigation, and grounds management company specializing in servicing residential and commercial areas. The Costa Verde Website Design showcases the full range of the company’s services with a straightforward layout and luscious green visuals.

Costa Verde provides several services to accommodate many landscaping needs from irrigation to hardscaping and more. These services are showcased as the core information for visitors. We emphasized this by having the list on the home page as well as its own services page. By using photos of real projects and relatively brief descriptions, visitors can get a good overview of what Costa Verde Landscaping is capable of in the landscaping industry.

The Costa Verde Website Design uses the company’s green branding to its advantage. The bright green imagery of the plant life is important for showcasing the health and well-being of a landscape. This is why the majority of the site’s gallery is covered in colorful green plants. We also used a similar shade of green as the main theme color for highlights and links. A subtle decision that adds a lot to the design is the inclusion of fading horizontal sections. This creates a unique division of sections that still remains inline with the rest of the site’s simplicity.

View the full website at We’ve also worked on the Costa Verde Landscape Campaign, the Costa Verde Flyer Design, and the Costa Verde Business Card Design.

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