Marketing Automation

Less time, more ROI!

Automation made simple.

All the marketing and sales tools you need built into one system. Learn exactly who your leads are and where they’re coming from. Automatically nurture those leads through the marketing funnel and measure ROI through the sales pipeline.

Personalized Automation

With Doohickey’s approach to marketing automation, we can identify and nurture your leads!

Leads are drawn to the website in many ways. It can range from traditional methods such as billboards and brochures to digital methods such as search engine optimization and PPC campaigns. However, this is just the first step!

Automatic Workflows

Once a user has entered the marketing automation system, we are able to see where the leads came from and tailor their experience. This allows us to improve effectiveness in the most successful ways to bring in potential clients.

Sales Opportunities

While new leads are being nurtured by the system and converting to qualified leads your sales team can collaborate and communicate based on marketing efforts and successfully guide leads through the sales pipeline.