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Doo The Robot! – Benefits of Advertising Agency Automation

From self-stirring travel mugs to tiny robots that do our chores for us, we’re always looking for new ways to make life easier. When it comes to building a business, there are dozens of doodads for driving traffic to your website and raking in leads. Then again, why choose a dozen when you could have a single doohickey manage all your campaigns? While there are numerous benefits to hiring a local digital advertising agency, the real benefits lie within advertising agency automation.

With an advertising agency conducting your marketing efforts, you’ll have leads rolling in and enough free time for one legendary dance party.

Wind Up the Workflow

You know those little wind-up toys, the ones that wobble around, further and further depending on how well they’ve been wound? That’s how advertising agency automation works. Companies can choose their budget, objectives, a timeframe; all that sweet set-up stuff. The more power you give your campaigns, the further they’ll go.

Advertising agency automation sets your campaigns up to make the most out of your budget. With efficiency in mind, your advertising agency can optimize campaigns so they run—not wobble—straight towards success.

Conducted for Consistency

Special promotion campaigns, social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn—campaigns, email campaigns, print ads, billboard advertising…You’re getting the picture here, right? Advertising includes numerous campaigns, each with their own strategy, across multiple channels. However, it’s important to keep your brand presence consistent across your campaigns.

For an agency using automation, that’s no problem. In fact, they’re able to keep your brand consistent while making strategic alterations specific to each channel. As a result, customers will recognize your company regardless of the marketing channel.

No More Tinker Time

How often does the thought “I don’t have time” slip through your mind? Let’s be honest; advertising can fall on the back burner sometimes. You have a business to run, after all. That’s the cool thing about automation; it doesn’t just save time. With advertising agency automation done for you, it’s completely off your to-do list. No more tinkering with yet another new advertising outlet (honestly, you shouldn’t be tinkering with outlets at all—so dangerous!).

Get Productivity Into Gear

Having so many campaigns across so many platforms can drain your productivity. Between email, SEO, PPC, social media, and every new platform your target audience might be using, it’s easy to stretch yourself thin. Automation kicks productivity into high gear, so you don’t have to worry about every little platform—and the numerous campaigns within each.

Go-Go Brand Awareness Gadget!

While many companies have “sign spinners” to advertise and amplify brand awareness, there are more cost-effective methods to catching a customer’s eye. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an epic example of advertising automation at its best.

While there are loads of benefits to PPC advertising, brand awareness certainly plays its part. Since it’s automated, no one has to handle the humidity (our Florida followers know what’s up) or weather a storm. Instead, automated PPC advertising pinpoints customers by proximity, interest, or other factors that determine they’re most likely to buy from your business.

Too bad we can’t use Inspector Gadget’s arsenal of appliances for other save-the-day feats!

Widespan Robotic Reach

Depending on your budget, traditional advertising can have a limited reach. With advertising agency automation, however, companies can expand to new target audiences. You can set ads to reach beyond current followers to target their friends, too, or target potential customers based on purchase behavior and interests.

With automation, you don’t have to pinpoint individuals; instead, you can choose parameters that define your current customer base to reach new customers, too.

Customer-Winning Widgets

With ads optimized to reach all the right customers and messaging designed to spin those “Oo, I want one!” gears in their minds, your advertising can start bringing in leads and increasing conversions.

With numerous campaigns active across various platforms, you also give customers numerous opportunities to interact with your company, so they can make a purchase whenever it’s most convenient for them.

Customer Retention Contraption

So you’ve attracted a ton of new customers and made some major sales—sweet! They’ve signed up for your mailing list anddd…now what? It’s one thing to gain customers, but you need to retain them, too!

Automated advertising can send scheduled messages—optimized based on their purchase behavior or interests—so you can reach out and keep customers engaged. As a result, you’re at the forefront of their minds—regularly. As an added bonus, you’re also giving them new opportunities to make another purchase or learn more about your company.

A Money-Saving Machine

This is an easy one. With automation, companies can set daily budgets specific to each campaign—and have their budget strategy change automatically to optimize performance. That way, you’re not just saving money; you’re also stretching every dollar you spend.

Toy with Tracking

The automation awesomeness doesn’t end there! Once customers start interacting with your ads, you’ll have access to detailed statistics that tell you what’s going right—or maybe not so right. Your agency can then analyze that data to optimize your campaigns for improvement. As companies learn more about their customers, they can tweak and tinker with ads for an even better ROI. Now that’s something to play with.

Rig Immediate Responses

Now that those leads are rolling in, your customers deserve some love. Instead of responding to every form submission, email, or Facebook message, advertising agency automation sets up well-worded replies to send based on a trigger. That way, customers feel immediately welcome without it sounding robotic.

Every Cog In Your Campaigns

Effective advertising campaigns require a lot of moving parts. From design and messaging to strategizing and optimizing performance, automation takes the guesswork out of the equation. An advertising agency can provide you with all the pieces you need for an effective campaign, so every campaign works as one. That coordination doesn’t just make life easier; it makes you look on top of things, too.

Doo The Robot with Advertising Agency Automation

With advertising agency automation working to boost your business, you get a dozen benefits, all rolled into one!

That gives all new meaning to the phrase “Doing the robot.”

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