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Forge Brand Loyalty with These Effective Marketing Strategies

Since the days of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, loyalty has played a key role in creating long-lasting bonds. Today, that same quality plays a vital role in the relationship between companies and their customers. After all, building brand loyalty helps companies attract customers, retain them long-term, and increase revenue. Sounds like a relationship made to last!

While being anointed with a sword and everything would be pretty cool (fellow Game of Thrones fans, we hear you!), companies can also aim for some serious brand loyalty with an effective marketing strategy. So quit sharpening those swords and try these marketing strategies instead!

Dance to a Different Tune.

Every business is a unique combination of components, from their products to the company culture and everything in between. You’re proud of what makes your company uniquely yours, and you have every reason to be!

Bring your customers in on that company pride by showcasing the qualities that make your company stand out from the rest. Maybe you offer speedy service, like Jimmy John’s, or handmade products, like Lush. Whatever “your thing is,” be loud and proud! As a result, you’ll stick out from other brands and remind customers of all the awesomeness you so exclusively embody.

Cater (No, Not Lunch).

Determining a target audience is a major part of a company’s initial marketing strategy. How do your customers think, shop, engage with other companies? Are they part of the Snapchat crowd, or do they prefer Facebook for their daily dose of online interactions? What problems are they hoping your product or service will solve?

By recognizing your target market’s behavior, you can cater your brand directly to that audience. As a result, they’re more likely to respond to messaging and remain loyal to a brand that appeals specifically to them.

Give Out Good Vibes.

Ice cream. Decadent, sugary sweet, “it’s been a long day and I earned this” ice cream. Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. There’s plenty of psychology attached to the associations we make on a daily basis. A dark, daunting raincloud has the opposite effect of vibrant, beaming sunshine, and a bowl of our favorite ice cream can inspire a smile.

Okay…Now we want ice cream.

Customers make the same associations when shopping for products or services. By showing off happy customer experiences—smiling faces, grateful reviews, happy people using your product—potential consumers will begin to associate your brand with those good-feel vibes, too. As a result, you’ll establish brand loyalty, so they’ll come back for another smile-worthy experience.

Get Engaging.

Whether you’re rocking the positive customer reviews or watching comments erupt across your social media posts, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with customers. People want to know their voice is being heard; they want to know someone out there cares about their concerns. Wouldn’t you?

By engaging with customers, you’re giving your brand a human element. As a company devoted to your customers, customers will be devoted to you, too. Ask questions on social media, show customers you’re taking their concerns seriously by making improvements, and you’ll establish brand loyalty for the long term.

Most importantly of all, have fun with it! Spark conversation with contests or encourage customers to submit photos using your product. As a result, you’ll not only spur a dialogue, but also give your product social context for all of your customers to see.

Amplify Appreciation.

Give your customers that red carpet treatment by rewarding their brand loyalty. Companies often offer exclusive promotions, unexpected upgrades, personalized thank you notes, or stellar swag to the customers who keep coming back—so they’ll keep coming back. By showing customers your gratitude, they’ll feel that appreciation—and appreciate your company all the more.

Inspire Identity.

People love being part of a tribe, which creates a sense of belonging and inspires allegiance. As products become a part of our day-to-day life, they also become a part of who we are as individuals, until we join the existing tribe with our own squad pride.

Proud Starbucks coffee-holics adore posting that first red cup picture come winter, and La Croix lovers rejoice in showing off those colorful cans. By helping customers identify with your brand, you can inspire brand loyalty and ensure your product or service becomes a part of their day-to-day happenings.

Back Like a Boomerang.

Give customers a reason to return and brand loyalty will bring them back. Some companies, such as Amazon, offer free shipping to their loyalty program customers. Other companies, like Birchbox, offer coupons and free gifts to return customers, or an exclusive first-grab at upcoming products. Whether you offer incentives or exclusives, there are numerous ways to leverage brand loyalty so customers keep coming back for more.

Keep the Quality Consistent.

One of the most invaluable ways to retain customers is to uphold a continuous—or ever-improving—standard of quality. Customers will hold you accountable for the quality of your products or services. If they know they can depend on your company, they’ll choose a company they can trust above all the rest.

Brand Loyalty Marketing Strategies For Long-Term Retainment.

Ready to wield these brand loyalty marketing strategies yourself? In the words of Arya Stark, “Stick ‘em with the pointy end” and get going! If you need help, working with a local digital marketing agency offers numerous benefits, including new opportunities to reach customers and go viral. With a long-term brand loyalty marketing strategy in place, you’ll have your own roundtable of loyal customers in no time!

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