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Bright Idea: Hire an Agency as Your In-House Marketing Team

An In-House Marketing Team Goes Beyond “Bright Ideas”

You’ve recently called a meeting of your company’s creative minds to generate some Big Ideas for your next campaign. Your team ends up with a catchy tagline, some imagery concepts, and the makings of an overall excellent promotion—nicely done. Everyone’s super excited to see it all come to fruition…except you don’t have an in-house marketing team to streamline the process. Instead, you have to send the concept off to various freelancers—a web designer, copywriter, web developer, the printers, and then some—before your campaign ever reaches customers.

Didn’t you need all of this done, like…yesterday?

With an all-in-one, in-house marketing team plugged into the business, you don’t have to worry about playing email tag or pushing deadlines. Rather, you’ll have easy access to everything you need—web development, graphic design, copywriting, SEM, SEO, PPC—all rolled into one effective marketing strategy.

That way, you have someone lightbulb-ing the Big Ideas, bringing them to life, and making you look good throughout every step of the process. Sound good? Here are a few more benefits to hiring a local marketing agency as your in-house marketing team!

Energized Industry-Based Research

Every industry—and therefore, every company—is different. An in-house marketing team considers your target audience, their buyer’s persona, and how they behave throughout the purchase funnel. With all that data, they can then create campaigns that align with your customers by appealing to their emotions and interests. No more cookie-cutter campaigns—we’re talking multilayered cakes in the flavors your customers love most.

Analytics-Powered Advancement

Those details provide a strong starting point for campaigns, but the advantage of compiling data doesn’t end there. After a few weeks measuring lead generation and conversions, your marketing team can then use that data and make alterations to the campaign to further maximize your ROI.

That way, those results-driven strategies don’t just streamline success; they make efficient use of your budget, too.

Super-Charged Conversion Optimization

Marketing is meant to amplify awareness, spark interest, and boost sales for business growth. “Sparking interest” involves a lot more than a pretty picture and snazzy slogan, though. Your in-house marketing team knows how to wordsmith it up to create action-inspiring messaging. Then, that language is matched with eye-catching imagery designed to leverage your target audience’s emotions, and BAM! You have campaigns that attract, compel, and sell, effectively converting leads into sales. Down the purchase funnel they go.

Continuity Cohesion

By combining years of experience and creative expertise, a marketing agency works as a single unit. Every cog turning, one after the next, to bolster your brand and give it that extra sparkle you’ve been looking for. Your campaigns won’t just have that eye appeal, though; they’ll be cohesive, too.

That way, print and digital ads connect with social media campaigns and web design, so all your marketing efforts are aligned with long-term strategies. That’s another collaborative effort in itself—all your creative elements and campaigns, across every platform, working as one to build your business.

Enticing Efficiency

You’re busy operating your business; there’s no time for yet another meeting. Forget that. With your marketing team on-call, you shoot them an email, tell them what you need, and it gets done. Flyers, PPC advertising, social media posts—every aspect of your marketing, all in one place.

Yep. That’s it.

Whether you need a full brand redesign or a project-by-project arrangement, a marketing agency provides efficiency and easy access to a team of ready and able creatives.

With an in-house marketing team as an extension of your team, you get fast, reliable, creative campaigns.

Sound familiar?

Shading Options: Flat vs. Dynamic Design


Coloring vector shapes for logos uses either flat colors or gradients. Flat logos typically consist of one or two single shades of color that are applied across the whole shape. Gradient logos use two shades of colors that fade into each other to give a sense of dimension and really help make the logo pop. All gradient logos designed by Doohickey® include a flat color version.

Brand Style Guide: Establish Professional

Brand Guidelines


Your logo is the face of your business, it's usually what gives people their first impressions before engaging with your brand directly. We put a lot of care into our logo designs by arranging compositions, choosing the right typefaces, packing designs with meaning and more. With a brand style guide, you'll be able to create a more cohesive brand identity across every corner of your business. From brochures to websites and more, we'll help you build an even stronger look and feel for your brand with custom-made brand style guide.

Color Options: Coverage for All Applications


Choosing the right colors is an important part in creating your brand identity, but did you know there are different types of coloring systems in graphic design?

RGB: is typically how your monitor displays color using light.
CMYK: A printing process where the ink is applied on press in a 4 step layered process.
Pantone: A color matching system with set swatches that are premixed and used in printing (like paint at the store)
Hex: A color-coding system used on websites.

File Types: Raster vs. Vector


When it comes to logos, it’s important to have the right files for the right occasion. Pixel-based raster files like JPEGs and PNGs are what you normally see on the web, they come in smaller file sizes and are easy for web browsers to load. However, these files are limited in their size and trying to use them in anything larger than a business card for print can result in low quality pixelation. With EPS and PDF files, you will be able to scale your design to any large sized print and retain the sharpness and quality of the design. This allows your logo to be applied practically anywhere from merchandise to large scale advertising such as billboards.

Select a Style: Customizing Your Logo

Darryl Hall Homes Logo Design
Atmospheres Logo Design
IOSync Logo Design

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