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How to Tell It’s Time for a Company Brand Redesign

We live in a fast-paced world where interests change in the blink of an eye and innovation is key to success. Whether it’s a company-wide makeover or just a company brand redesign, a little change can have a big impact. Even a new logo can more effectively appeal to today’s audience to capture new customers. After all, without innovation, we’d still be using brick-sized mobile phones and adjusting our television set antennas to watch the Grammy’s.

A logo is the most identifiable element between a company and the public. It’s also a strong marketing tool and part of a company’s overall graphic design strategy as they express the brand to potential customers. After a while, any marketing campaign needs a rejuvenating spark, and your logo does too.

So how do you know when it’s time for a new look? Here are five questions companies should ask themselves when considering a company brand redesign.

Has your company grown?

Your company may have started as a humble storefront or in your garage, similar to the modest beginnings of Apple and Amazon. As companies evolve, though, it’s important that the brand evolves with the business, too.

A brand redesign shows customers the company is growing, making changes, and experiencing long-term success. As decades pass, each redesign also becomes a part of the company’s history and represents all the growth you’ve experienced over time.

Have your products or services changed?

With growth and success comes expansion into new products and/or services. A company brand redesign allows businesses to showcase new offerings. As a result, the logo and brand identity represent the company as a whole.

Refreshing your brand design to include representation of these new products and/or services also offers opportunities to capture new customers who are searching for those offerings.

Is your company reaching a new market?

As companies offer new products or services, they may find themselves emerging into new markets as well. A new market introduces the brand to a new customer base. Factors such as age, gender, purchase behavior, and culture can influence a brand redesign as well. How does the logo appeal to customers in different demographic groups? If millennials are the bulk of your consumer base, but the brand identity appeals to older generations, it may be time for a redesign.

With technological innovation and new digital marketing methods, how your brand appears online and across social media platforms should spark consideration, too.

Is the current company brand design outdated?

There isn’t an exact mathematical formula floating around to tell how many years should pass between redesigns. However, it helps to consider the last time your brand was updated. Visual elements such as the color palette, font, and overall design may look aged. Modernizing the design allows companies to keep the logo’s history while appealing to the current audience base.

In quick-paced industries where innovation is key, it’s important to stay relevant to customers. Company brand redesigns may need to occur every three to five years to remain attractive and compelling to customers in fast-moving markets. After all, customers should feel excited about your brand! An updated logo can energize interest and enthusiasm with an appealing new look.

Does your brand stand out?

While brand recognition is an important marketing strategy, consumers may look past a logo they’ve seen for years. Rather, consumers are attracted to what’s new, bold, and different. After all, people are naturally curious. By making small changes for a big effect, your company brand redesign can attract attention and spark interest in new customers.

So, is it time for a company brand redesign?

Overall, the purpose of a company brand redesign is to refocus, not replace, your brand. A fresh perspective can capture the history and essence of your existing logo while giving the graphic design a new spark of energy. Whether it’s a change of font, imagery, or minor tweaks to the existing logo, refreshing the design is an opportunity to expand your brand and entice customers.

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