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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). WordPress is the system Doohickey uses to build our websites. As with most CMS’s, WordPress maintenance and updates are required. The internet is always changing, so online technologies need to change and grow alongside these changes. When WordPress releases an update, all of the themes and plugins used on the website should also be updated to keep everything secure and running smoothly, it’s like getting an oil change.

WordPress is a
Content Management System (CMS)

There are many content management systems available for use, and we’ve worked with many of them, but we prefer WordPress over any other CMS. “Content management system” is somewhat self-explanatory – it helps you manage your own website content. You don’t have to call your website developer every time you want to add or change something. Just by logging into the administrative dashboard you can do things like write blog articles, manage photos and galleries, add new pages, change content or navigation, or work on search engine optimization. That said, everyone has their own comfort level. Some of our clients prefer to send all of their WordPress maintenance and updates to us, regardless of complexity, while others are eager to dive right in. Regardless of your preference and comfort level, we typically handle any major changes that are outside the scope of WordPress capabilities.

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WordPress Plugins are added to WordPress websites to add more functionality that is either not already included in WordPress or in the WordPress theme you’re using. Plugins can be anything, including: slideshows, galleries, form builders, real estate management tools, maps, etc.


You may think of WordPress themes as templates. But it is not as simple as applying a theme to your WordPress site, and poof, you’re all done. WordPress themes still require design and graphic elements, as well as content to be well organized and formatted. If WordPress is the system to manage your content, then themes are the structure that are added on top of WordPress to add functionality and the ability to customize a design.


WordPress is secure as long as it’s maintained, updates are made and the right precautions are taken. WordPress core install, plugin and theme updates often contain security updates due to the fact that, unfortunately, some people are able to take advantage of technology in a negative way. For extra security, we offer firewall protection, server side monitoring and malware removal as part of our WordPress maintenance packages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We utilize a variety of SEO tools and plugins to help maintain WordPress site rankings in search engines. We also provide content and blog writing along with other SEO strategies to keep your website competitive and informative.