Does Your Business Need Online Reputation Management?

Does your business have an online presence? If you answered yes, then you either have a website, social media pages, or both. How are your online reviews? Do you have 5-star ratings on your Google my Business Page? Are you on Angi, Yelp, and other review sites? Online reputation management is a service that focuses on getting you 5-star reviews, managing the reviews you do get (good and bad), and building your brand’s online image. 

Why is Online Reputation Management Important? 

Nearly 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Customers, potential employees, and investors all look at your online reputation before they decide to engage. One unnoticed negative review that slips through the cracks can cause significant damage to your reputation. You can’t make everyone happy, and it’s inevitable that you will have some customers that will go out of their way to attempt to tarnish your brand. Having a protocol in place for quickly responding to bad reviews is essential for maintaining your good reputation. 

Aside from managing negative reviews, engaging with all of your positive reviews is just as important. What do you say if somebody gives you a compliment? Thank you, of course. 

What are the Benefits of Online Reputation Management? 

Social Proof 

Online reviews are the new social proof. Nothing influences behavior and buying habits more than star ratings and testimonials. Diners rarely visit a restaurant without first checking Yelp. Travelers seldom book a room without first going to TripAdvisor. Shoppers rarely buy anything without first reading what previous verified buyers say on Amazon or Google

Helps Your Rankings 

Online reviews are an important factor in search results. Specifically, having a keyword you are trying to rank for, and a mention of a city you are trying to rank in, in your reviews, has a high correlation with high ranking Google My Business results. 

Improved Click-Through Rates 

Because online users put their faith in online reviews, nearly 90% look for 4-5 star reviews before they’ll use a local business. If you aren’t regularly achieving a 4-5 star rating or aren’t regularly adding new reviews, you’ll likely losing potential customers. 

Better Customer Service 

Reviews are a valuable resource for feedback to better serve your customers. Reviews can inform you about what’s working and not working in your business. If you continually get positive reviews about aspects of your business, you can leverage that and offer more. On the other hand, if you get a series of negative reviews, you can make sure to remedy the issue and improve your services or products. 

Ready to Start Getting More 5 Star Reviews? 

Doohickey has the online reputation management tools that allow you or your clients to generate, monitor, and showcase online reviews seamlessly. The key to getting more online reviews is making it easy for your customers. Our software sends them friendly reminders with links to your online review sites to make it easy. When you get a review, you get notified in real-time so you can respond appropriately. 

We can help, contact Doohickey today!

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