Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Does Your Website Need a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Who needs a terms of use and privacy policy on their website? If you’re thinking only major corporations use them, you’re mistaken. The issues surrounding consumer privacy and collecting customer data are under a microscope today. If you display something as simple as a contact form on your website, you’d be wise to invest in a privacy policy for your website. You’ll also want a smart policy that can self-update to adjust to new privacy laws as they roll out.  

Introducing Termageddon 

Termageddon is an all-in-one solution for privacy policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers, and a lot more. It’s designed to be used on any website that collects customer data. Small independent businesses and large multinational corporations can benefit from Termageddon. The software was created by experts in privacy and contract law, and automatically writes the privacy policies that your business needs to display on its website. Best of all, Termageddon automatically updates, ensuring your website is always in compliance with the latest legislation.  

Why Do You Need a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy? 

Currently, throughout the U.S., laws are being proposed and implemented to protect the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of internet users. The simple act of adding a privacy policy to your website ensures your website is in compliance with these new laws. At the same time, you protect yourself and business from substantial fines and possible lawsuits.

Why Termageddon

Termageddon is an industry leader for a number of reasons: 

  • Reputation – Termageddon is the only Privacy Policy generator listed as a trusted privacy vendor by the International Association of Privacy Professionals – the largest privacy organization in the world. 
  • Tailored to Your Business – When you get started, Termageddon asks you questions about your business. The software takes the information and establishes the right policies for you, based on your business, industry, and audience. 
  • Automatic Updates – Privacy laws are always changing. With Termageddon you never have to worry about being at risk for a violation as the software automatically updates with changing laws. 
  • Written by Legal Experts – All Termageddon policies are written and reviewed by real privacy and contract lawyers.

Need a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Your Website? 

Doohickey Creative can help you get your website set up with Termageddon. We use it, and recommend that clients, friends, and everyone that needs a privacy policy for their website use it. It comes with an easy to manage dashboard, allowing you to view and easily manage multiple domains. Pricing is transparent and comes as one low monthly or annual fee.

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