Ecovasive Website Design

Ecovasive is an infection control business that excels in their unique approach to pathogen control. The Ecovasive Website Design was made to compliment a clean, organized style for the disinfection company. The imagery of germs and other microscopic organisms drove home the purpose of the website and helped tie into Ecovasive’s blue and green branding. Plenty of white space was added for a sense of clarity which is also provided in a clean, sterile environment.

The main content was organized into the many industries Ecovasive serves. It also shows an animated video showcasing what makes their process unique! It’s important to realize the wide range of businesses that require sterilization. There were several greater categories that contained more specific subsections, showing that Ecovasive can tackle practically any disinfection scenario. The Ecovasive Website Design provides an easy-to-navigate site that allows the visitor to quickly find a solution to any of their infection control needs.

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ecovasive website design
ecovasive website design