Ecovasive Animated Informational Video

Ecovasive is a unique infection control company that takes pride in their innovate disinfection techniques. They are often much faster and more efficient than standard cleaning methods, but how can they demonstrate these specialties to potential clients?

The Ecovasive Animated Informational Video shows exactly why Ecovasive is the perfect solution for your home, school, and business with stylish, dynamically-flowing visuals. The main two elements to showcase for the Ecovasive website were the naturally-derived Bioesque formula combined with their electrostatic spray technology. These two elements together allow for a solution that sticks to surfaces rapidly with a much safer spray that is perfect for schools and hospitals.

With the subject matter involving germs and ions, the video was able to play with the dynamic of scale by zooming in on the electrostatic ions and showing them cling to surfaces in a very appealing way. Many particle effects were used in the background to help convey the mood whether it be the spread of sickly germs or the calm, cleanly atmosphere when the Bioesque formula and electrostatic device are presented on screen. The Ecovasive Animated Informational Video demonstrates the rapid problem-solving of Ecovasive’s unique method by using entertaining visuals to help guide the viewer and keep them engaged.


Easy as Pie Parties Logo Design

Easy as Pie Parties is a party company dedicated to supplying party goods for all kinds of events. The Easy as Pie Parties Logo Design features a retro crown with a Roaring 20’s design that appeals to all kinds of party goers. Inspiration for the crown symbol comes from the client’s original vision. We wanted

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Alura Senior Living Website Design Rockledge Florida

Alura Senior Living Website Design

Alura Senior Living is an a senior care community based in Rockledge, Florida. The Alura Senior Living Website Design creates an impactful website with light, colorful tones to welcome users to the community. Our mission with this website was to showcase the location and amenities residents will have access to. We used professional photography and

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Gauge Saver Website Design

Gauge Saver LCD Restoration is a company that specializes in repairing gauges on boats, utility vehicles, gas pumps and more. The Gauge Saver Website Design uses impressive side-by-sides to show how professional the restoration service really is. Overall, the website uses a very aquatic theme to line up with the boat style of the logo. While

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TheraPlan Website Design

TheraPlan is an EMR designed for therapists to better keep track of patient information and scheduling appointments. The TheraPlan Website Design uses fluid, colorful web design to showcase their EMR’s easy-to-access features. The website uses the color blue to symbolize clarity and focus. This style of web design uses floating elements in clear space to

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Know and Grow Learning Depot Website Design

Know and Grow Learning Depot is an organization with a mission to give teachers the resources they need to teach students the best they possibly can. The Know and Grow Learning Depot Website Design makes a cheerful website that students, teachers, and parents will all enjoy! The website features many illustrative elements to make the

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Crockett Sportfishing Website Design

Crockett Sportfishing is a local fishing charter in Jacksonville, FL. The Crockett Sportfishing Website Design showcases the excitement you can experience on a fishing trip with friends and family. This website showcases highlights of satisfied customers of all ages. The home page and gallery both add to the aquatic theme of the website with beautiful

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