Goode Audio Video Automation Trifold Brochure

Goode Audio Video Automation are experts in improving home lifestyles with professional home theater installations. The Goode Audio Video Automation Trifold Brochure uses the brand’s unique design elements to showcase their services on several pages.

Each trifold section is divided by different backgrounds incorporating a mix of flat colors, shape overlays, and product photography. The logo icon itself was used over the photos to make an appealing visual combined with blue overlays. Various shades of blue are used to draw the eye to key information across the brochure. Topics such as about us, contact information, and services are presented in a compact format to make all the info easy to take in.

Services are represented with their own set with over a dozen icons. Each of these icons were carefully designed using similar spacing and consistent line weights across the page. This page also features a QR code making it easy for readers to learn more about Goode AVA. The Goode Audio Video Automation Trifold Brochure showcases everything readers need to know about their services and what they can provide with professional home theater solutions.

We’ve also worked on the Lay|Duckworth Jax Business Journal Ad Design and the Inspirations at Town Center Trifold Design.

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