Inspirations at the Towncenter Trifold Design Jacksonville Florida

Inspirations at Town Center Trifold Design

Inspirations at Town Center is a new senior Independent living community by Inspired Living with spacious apartment layouts for residents. The Inspirations at Town Center Trifold Design showcases the best features of the residence in a dynamically flowing design.

Curved lines play a big role in connecting the content across the trifold. They act as a separator for the photos and text as well as a consistent through-line for the brochure. It also adds to the relaxing atmosphere provided by the residence. New residents can expect a variety of physical and creative activities as well as luxurious amenities which are showcased in several photos.

The type hierarchy remains consistent with other projects designed for Inspirations at Towncenter such as the Pocket Folder Brochure Design. The script and serif headings provide an excellent contrast to the thin, modern sans serif for the body text. It also gives the impression of a warm welcoming letter inviting potential residences to their new home. The Inspirations at Towncenter Trifold Design succeeds in using clean and flowing graphics to bring in readers to the Inspirations at Towncenter experience.

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