LLW 25th Anniversary Card Design Jacksonville Florida

LLW 25th Anniversary Card Design

Lewis, Longman & Walker is comprised of a team of well-known, experienced attorneys that have been improving communities in Florida for twenty-five years. The LLW 25th Anniversary Card Design was made to commemorate their milestone in the industry and announce their donation of 25,000 meals to local food banks.

The LLW Anniversary Card comes in a nice matte black cover with thin text and borders giving the card a luxurious and premium feel. The border cursive text connects seamlessly around the main content of the logo and the 25th. We die-cut the 25 on the cover to line up perfectly with an outlined number on the inside that displays the food background pattern. This vibrant green covers the whole interior page to give a visual representation of the large amount of food the company will be contributing to.

This pattern design features dozens of different food illustrations giving representation to all the meals they are donating to the community. The LLW 25th Anniversary Card Design succeeds in creating an exciting celebration message that demonstrates growth and gratitude coming from the law firm’s long-standing impact on the industry and communities served.

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