InLight Real Estate Banners

InLight Real Estate Partners is dedicated to strong client connections in the Industrial Real Estate and Development industry. The InLight Real Estate Banners use the brand’s signature design assets to show their availability on a large printed scale.

This banner will be printed large on the side of available locations. It’s important that the design remains easy-to-read at a glance for drivers on the road. We accomplished this with carefully spaced bold text and only 2-3 sections in our designs. The main call to action is the biggest piece in the composition followed by the great SK location point in English and Korean. This allows the banner to reach an even wider audience and provide an easy translation for potential clients.

These prints take inspiration from the InLight Real Estate Website Design with white text on backgrounds using the brand’s blue tone. InLight’s branding uses strong geometric layouts which is why we included a curved contained for the logo on the second design. The InLight Real Estate Banners create a large display that will bring in more clients interested in locations that are great for SK suppliers.

We’ve also worked on the Inspirations at Town Center Banner Design and the Lay|Duckworth Jax Business Journal Ad Design.

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