Farah & Farah Billboard Design

Billboards are an effective method of advertising to a mass audience. For the Farah & Farah billboard design, Doohickey sought the express the law firms professional yet personal reputation towards Jacksonville citizens. By using photography of Eddie and Chuck Farah, these billboards capture that personal, human element. As a result, potential clients gain a sense of who they’re calling for help, and that they’re receiving individualized assistance. The headlines reinforce that personal component by communicating in a neighborly, generous tone. The phone number is featured in a large, bold type, making it easy for potential clients to find the information they need. The Farah & Farah billboard design also features the law firm’s blue and yellow color scheme. This conveys the firm’s brand identity throughout marketing materials, which is also visible throughout their website. As a result, clients can make the connection between these billboards and other Farah & Farah ads long after seeing the billboard.