Southern Career College Signage Design

Whether a billboard, flyer, or signage throughout the city, print marketing materials can convey relevant information to potential customers in an eye-catching design. For the Southern Career College signage design, Doohickey’s goal was twofold. We wanted to convey the relevant information to potential students while simultaneously encouraging them to call or visit the website for more information. To accomplish these goals, we created clean yet informative signage for the Southern Career College. These signs communicate the college’s location while using urgency within the language. This encourages potential students to take action sooner rather than later. The design also features photography of students following different career paths, to appeal to a wider audience. At the top of the sign, below the college’s logo, we added the headline “Find your future today at SCC!” This language immediately communicates a benefit to potential students. As a result, those students see what they have to gain by contacting the college to sign up for the next term. The Southern Career College signage design is an example of effective marketing using a combination of design and copy.