Florida Gateway College Trailer Wrap

Florida Gateway College Trailer Wrap

Doohickey created the Florida Gateway College trailer wrap for the Florida Gateway College’s Global Logistics Mobile Training Center. This design features a vibrant color scheme to attract the eye, even on a busy roadway. The imagery conveys momentum and reaching beyond the limitations of the world. As a result, the design communicates the endless possibilities that are available through the mobile training center.

For this design, we were focused on matching impactful imagery with condensed information, to encourage drivers to later visit the website to learn more.

Florida Gateway College is located in Lake City, FL. The college provides over 60 programs to choose from, catering to students with various educational and career goals.

In addition to the Florida Gateway College trailer wrap, Doohickey also designed billboards for the community college. We’ve also worked on the PGA Tour Experiences Trailer Design and Heritage Institute Bus Advertising.

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