Garage Floor Specialists Website Design

The Garage Floor Specialists Website Design takes inspiration from garages and epoxy floors to create a bold new site. Various shades of reds and strong font weights compliment the sturdiness of the brand’s mission.

GFS specializes in epoxy garage floors made to withstand heavy usage and look brilliant. Our website design takes the splotch patterns of the epoxy floor and uses it as an accent background for subtle white spaces. Along with the garage floor imagery, the website uses a lot of the brand’s red color to communicate the strength of their services. This color works well as an accent for links and icons but also functions for whole background blocks to divide sections of information.

GFS is also able to showcase a wide variety of colors and patterns by fitting multiple into the format of the website. Different floor examples are able to be stacked on top of each other in a 3D effect and compared side by side with several different styles. Garage Floor Specialists Website Design showcases the strength the company is able to provide with floor installations that will bring out the best parts of your garage.

View the full website design here. In addition, we have also worked recently on the Inspired Living Website Design 2022 and George’s Garage Door Services Website Design.

Garage Floor Specialists Website Design Jacksonville Florida

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