George's Garage Door Services Banner Design

George’s Garage Door Services Banner Design

The George’s Garage Door Services banner design was the first piece of the total branding package Doohickey developed for the garage door company. This design worked to incorporate their existing logo and mirror the idea of upward motion, like the raising of a garage door. The design was also inspired by the same textures used for the company’s actual garage doors, which simultaneously illustrates their products while giving the banner designs an added visual element. As a result, the designs draw the eye while giving customers a feel for what the company offers.

The George’s Garage Door Services banner design was part of a branding initiative that included business cards, brochures, and a website. George’s Garage Door Services has been installing and servicing garage doors in Northeast Florida for over 20 years. They are committed to providing fast quality service for all residential and commercial garage doors. Inspired by their products, we used different textures throughout the pages, including rich mahogany panels. As a result, customers get a sense of the products GGDS offers and can imagine purchasing similar options for their own homes.

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