George's Garage Door Services brochure design

George’s Garage Door Services Brochure Design

As one of many available marketing materials, brochures are a creative, condensed way for companies to advertise and illustrate their offerings to potential customers. With that goal in mind, Doohickey created this George’s Garage Door Services brochure design collection to showcase the company’s range of services. GGDS handed this set of brochures out at local functions to market the company’s capabilities.

George’s Garage Door Services has installed and serviced garage doors in Northeast Florida for over 20 years. They are committed to providing fast, quality service for all residential and commercial garage doors. To illustrate this commitment, we chose photography relevant to their various services. On each panel, we used a different texture to represent the numerous options and styles GGDS offers customers. The design also utilizes the color scheme we developed for all of their branding materials. This creates a cohesiveness throughout the materials, connecting them all together under the GGDS brand.

The George’s Garage Door Services brochure design was also accompanied by the design of a website, banner, and business cards.

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