REO Sentinel Logo Design

REO Sentinel Logo

REO Sentinel offers innovative solutions to the residential and commercial real estate markets. Their proven, custom-designed technologies monitor properties to detect smoke alarms, water sensors, break-ins, and vandalism. As a result, property owners can minimize interior inspections and prevent maintenance issues before they become major problems. Designed specifically for REO requirements, their solutions offer monitoring, detecting, and notifications 24/7. Given the company’s dedication to protecting residential and commercial real estate, Doohickey sought to capture that mission in the REO Sentinel logo design.

To demonstrate the device’s wireless event detection and notification, we included the wireless beams as part of the design. This reflects the company’s ability to provide email and/or text message notifications to their customers the moment a detected event, such as water damage or a fire, occurs. We also kept the company name at the forefront of the design, centering it within the image of a building. This combined imagery also represents the company’s fusion of innovative and comprehensive solutions. To show their contrast, we used two opposing hues from the company’s color scheme. This directs attention to the separate images while also bringing them together as a single unit. As a result, the logo captures the company’s technology-based solutions in the real estate market in a clean, clear design.

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