Summit Hi-Tek Solutions Logo Design

Summit Hi-Tek Solutions Logo Design

Doohickey completed the Summit Hi-Tek Solutions logo design to capture the company image with an immediate, strong statement. Paired with cool colors, the logo is appealing to the eye while standing out from other tech company logos.

We began by using the old logo’s color scheme and incorporating it into different alterations of our new designs. With each version, the old logo slowly transformed into its modern contemporary. The old icon fell aside and gave way to geometric mountain peaks. The company name ‘Summit’ was also given more weight and brought to the forefront. As a result, the company name immediately demands attention. Matched with the light color scheme, however, the logo comes off as strong without being imposing. 

Summit Hi-Tek Solutions offers consulting and project managers for various organizations. Their project management includes program-tracking and risk-assessment in addition to software engineering services. We’ve also worked on packaging designs such as the Communication Solutions Inc. Packaging Design.

Below are some of the alternate logos we designed.

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