CSI Packaging Feature

Communication Solutions Inc. Packaging Design

Does finding the right cabling team have you puzzled?

When our clients ask for ideas to introduce themselves to prospective leads it’s not always a typical brochure or postcard. For this project, we wanted to provide Communications Solutions, Inc. with a unique marketing piece to help break the ice and get noticed. Unlike postcards, this gift will not get tossed in the trash and we are sure the recipients won’t forget the Communications Solutions name!

The Communication Solutions Inc. Packaging Design creates a memorable experience for the recipients that will stand out for its interactive and collectable value. The boxes are uniquely printed with communication cords wrapping around the box and are jam-packed with various puzzle toys. These make the perfect gift for potential clients as they can act as entertaining fidget toys during downtime or even while engaged with a project.

We also worked on the CSI Website Design and CSI Animated Video.

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