Communication Solutions Inc. Animated Video

The Communication Solutions Inc. Animated Video demonstrates all of the clients’ services through a cohesive, simplistic animation experience. The video was divided into 4 of the main service categories to create a dynamic structure for the video which takes advantage of the divided sections of the logo. The brand colors of the red, white, and blue also serve to create a modern style through vectored artwork that can convey a wide array of motions to guide the viewer’s eye.

Lines and shapes continuously draw themselves in and out of frame, objects emerge from one another, and the camera will move in complex ways that make the viewing experience have much more dimension and range despite being 2D. The pacing of the video also allowed a great deal of information to be conveyed in just over a minute. The Communication Solutions Inc. Animated Video succeeds in giving the audience an in-depth introduction to all the various services provided which can be further expanded upon by answering the call to action of visiting their website or contacting them directly.

We also worked on the CSI Website Design and CSI Packaging Design.


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