Lancelot's Castles Logo Design

Lancelot’s Castles Logo Design

Lancelot’s Castles specializes in providing a unique leasing and property management experience. They combine the essence of a relaxed beach lifestyle with their unmatched enthusiasm for finding or leasing the perfect property in Northeast Florida. The Lancelot’s Castles brand identity captures the serenity and beach escape the company offers. Doohickey sought to capture that company culture in the Lancelot’s Castles logo design.

The overall goal was to create a logo that reflects the scenery and lifestyle of the properties Lancelot’s Castles manages. With a name like Lancelot, we knew there had to be a sand castle at the focal point of the logo. Eventually, waves also took shape in our sketches. The color scheme was pulled from the stretch of Jacksonville Beach we see from the office. With these combined elements, this logo design captures the essence of a relaxing beach vacation.

Doohickey developed Lancelot’s Castles logo design as part of a larger branding initiative that included business cards, stationery design, brochure design, website design, and social media advertising. Throughout these marketing materials, the logo acts as a center point of the brand, tying them all together.




Lancelot's Castles Logo Design

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