PGA TOURAcademy Brochure Design

PGA Tour Academy Brochure Design

With rich photography and a polished design, a brochure can captivate readers with vivid storytelling. For the PGA TOURAcademy brochure design, Doohickey sought to promote the academy by capturing readers in the PGA story. To do so, we used full-length photography and attention-grabbing headlines to make readers feel like part of the PGA experience.

This collection of brochures promotes the academy’s various camps and events. The goal for this brochure series was to develop marketing materials focused on teaching, learning, and improving golfing skills. Therefore, we included colorful photography of instructors with their PGA students on the course. This shows students having fun while enhancing their game. Alongside the photography, we broke details down the academy’s various offerings into smaller segments. As a result, the story flows from one end of the brochure to the next, keeping readers enthralled the more they read.

We also implemented the PGA TOURAcademy brand within the brochure designs. As a result, the culture and excitement of the academy are clear within each brochure. Consequently, the brochures incite readers and spark intrigue about the programs.

This brochure design was part of a larger marketing campaign for PGA that included ads, stationery, and banner designs.

PGA Tour Experiences offers golf vacations and TOURAcademy Programs, as well as tournaments. Located in St. Augustine, the PGA TOURAcademy at World Golf Village is a one-of-a-kind, full-service improvement facility for golfers of all expertise. Their mission is to help golfers through customized instruction. The TOURAcademy’s state of the art technology used throughout their training and learning programs have allowed the company to become one of the most recognized instructional academy locations in the country.

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