Northridge Electric Business Card Design

Northridge Electric Business Card Design

A bold yet professional business card leaves a lasting impression with potential customers. When considering the Northridge Electric business card design, Doohickey sought to combine these elements to generate an impactful response.

First, we leveraged the brand’s color scheme. Balancing the Northridge Electric green with a white background exudes a sense of efficiency and organization. Using the logo design we previously created for Northridge Electric also allowed us to implement an energetic element to the design. Splashes of green within the text, balanced with black and white fonts, draw the eyes to different pieces of information. As a result, these elements combine to create a clean, cohesive design.

Northridge Electric has been providing commercial and industrial electrical services in central New Mexico for more than 30 years. Their commercial electrical construction projects range from office buildings to warehouse space, and all in between. Given their capabilities, we wanted to create a design that reflects their tradition of safety, quality, and productivity.

The Northridge Electric business card design was part of a larger branding initiative that included their logo design, website design and development, flyers, hard hats, and truck graphics.

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