HHHunt Homes Direct Mail Campaigns

HHHunt Homes Direct Mail Campaigns

Doohickey designed these HHHunt Homes direct mail campaigns to keep potential buyers informed of current happenings and discounts. Since campaign mailers are crucial pieces of marketing, they are designed to communicate action and excitement.

HHHunt Homes is a homebuilder primarily located in Virginia and North Carolina. For over 40 years, HHHunt Homes has made the dream of homeownership come true. What really makes this company special, however, is their commitment to their buyers. They pride themselves on customer service, construction excellence, and unparalleled value.

This mail campaign design includes photography that complements the company brand’s existing color scheme. Using rich blues and golds throughout the design, which reflects the logo and website, also helps people associate the colors with HHHunt’s brand. Using bold headlines in addition to the complementary color scheme also keeps eyes moving across the page.

This selection of the HHHunt Homes direct mail campaigns is just one of over 4,000 projects we have completed HHHunt. Others include a website, flyers, business cards, brochures, and e-cards.

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