HHHunt Homes Brochure Design

When companies want to advertise a highly-detailed promotion, a brochure is often the best marketing method. Brochures are able to showcase special offers through specific, targeted imagery. Using rich photography appeals to readers’ senses and can encourage their buying decisions. This HHHunt Homes brochure design aims to communicate the excitement, as well as elegance, of an HHHunt property. By helping potential customers visualize the available properties, a brochure can encourage them to find their new home.

Throughout the design, we let the properties speak for themselves. By making the photography the focal point of the page, readers become immersed. The brochure gives them a sense of being in the room, walking through one of the properties, and eventually, making it home.

HHHunt Homes is a home builder primarily located in Virginia and North Carolina. For over 40 years, HHHunt Homes has been making the dream of homeownership come true. What really makes this company special is their commitment to HHHunt buyers. The company prides themselves on customer service, construction excellence, and unparalleled value.

This selection of the HHHunt Homes brochure design were just some of over 4,000 projects we have completed for HHHunt. Other marketing initiatives also included a website, direct mail campaigns, flyers, invitations, email marketing, business cards, and billboards.

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