HHHunt Homes business card design

HHHunt Homes Business Card Design

Business cards represent a company even long after a first impression is made. For the HHHunt Homes business card design, Doohickey created a polished, professional card to reflect the unique home buying experience they offer clients.

We started with the company’s blue and gold color scheme to capture the brand customers see throughout HHHunt Homes’ marketing materials. By taking advantage of white space, we’re able to portray a clean, crisp design. As a result, the company logo and contact information stand out against the card. The combined blue text and gold line at the base of the logo is mirrored on the back of the card, drawing the eyes to the company name and message while connecting the design on both sides.

HHHunt Homes is a home builder primarily located in Virginia and North Carolina. They’ve made their clients’ dreams of homeownership come true for over 40 years. What really makes this company special, however, is their commitment to their buyers. HHHunt Homes prides themselves on customer service, construction excellence, and unparalleled value. Inspired by these company qualities, Doohickey’s goal was to create business cards that communicate the quality experience HHHunt Homes offers.

In addition to the HHHunt Homes business card design, Doohickey also completed over 4,000 additional projects for HHHunt Homes. Some of these materials include a website, direct mail campaigns, flyers, invitations, brochures, bus advertising, billboards, as well as email marketing messages, to name a few.

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