Northridge Electric logo design

Northridge Electric Logo Design

Northridge Electric provides commercial and industrial electrical services in central New Mexico. For over 30 years, they’ve worked based on a tradition of quality, defined by their extraordinary personal service and safety-based culture. In an effort to capture an electrifying symbol of their quality service, Doohickey created a striking Northridge Electric logo design. This logo served as the base for a larger branding initiative. Doohickey also designed Northridge Electric’s new website, business cards, flyers, hard hats, as well as truck graphics.

We knew the logo for an electric company, above all, had to be powerful. Therefore, we started with a strong substantial shape and altered it to have a sense of vibrating energy. The resulting logo was nothing short of electric. We then added a splash of the Northridge Electric green–found throughout their marketing materials–to give the logo a flicker of depth. The balance between the color scheme and dynamic imagery came together for the energetic logo we were aiming for.

Below are some of the alternate logos we designed.

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