Urban Golf Logo Design

Urban Golf Logo Design

Looking to practice that back swing but avoid the Florida heat and humidity? Urban Golf offers 50 state-of-the-art, indoor golf courses, so players can get in practice regardless of the weather outside. Their courses appeal to all types of players, whether they’re searching for expert instruction or just want to play for fun. With this in mind, Doohickey developed the Urban Golf logo design to communicate the professional yet playful ambiance of their club.

The facilities golf simulators allow practice for short as well as long games. Urban Golf also offers PGA professional instruction for golfers interested in playing like the pros. After practice on the putting green, customers can order from the tapas menu and relax at the Urban Golf cafe and lounge. The club’s range of services appeals to golfers of all expert levels. Recognizing the range of their target audience, Doohickey developed a logo design that would capture all types of customers.

Within the design, we used the color scheme to balance the text and graphic. The icon represents the Urban Golf indoor course, which captures a golf ball’s full motion in a clean arch. This design approach encourages a customer’s imagination. As a result, they can decide whether they’re interested in instruction or playing for fun; just in time for teeing off.

We’ve also worked on the World Golf Village Ad Design and the PGA Tour Academy Banner Design.

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